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SIXTH SENSE is a new brand on the polish market in the event designers, planners and producers, that stands out by a combination of high level design with a unique and creative concept, flawless attention to detail, expertise and a high sense of responsibility for the client.

We focus on setting new standards – through unconventional weddings and unforgettable corporate events, as well as the entertainment industry, amongst private and corporate clients who share the same passion in searching for new, original ideas like us.

Bearing in mind the current trends in decoration, catering and entertainment, we take the client’s vision to another level, providing truly original events in non-standard locations that provoke all senses and tell a separate story for each client.

We not only follow international trends, but most of all, we create new ones. Getting inspirations from around the world, we add the element of personalisation, which makes the global trend become yours – individual.

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“Sixth Sense goes above and beyond client’s expectations”

Sixth sense

At Sixth Sense, we flirt with your senses, adding a sixth one – ours. We combine innovative elements in decorations, floristics, catering, lights, music, attractions and technical and interactive service on your big day.
In today’s world everything is stimulated by what we see. At Sixth Sense, we believe that apart from the sense of sight, we need new elements that will show you a different perspective and allow experience new sensations. It’s the combination of each of the five senses and their synchronisation, which makes the party complete, and is the answer to what you can expect from the best Wedding & Event planner.
The Sixth Sense is also the ability to predict situations that can happen. From technical matters to logistics we can guarantee your peace and security, and for your celebration to be stress free.


Our parties are theme parties, going beyond the framework of standard weddings and events, with one leading theme: the Great Gatsby style, Batman, Alice in Wonderland, Hawaiian, or industrial, theatrical and a bit dramatic. The theme can therefore be anything, from your favourite movie, place on earth, through colour and hobby to life quote. We will stick to this main theme from the beginning to the end, which will make the whole experience unique and unforgettable for all. At Sixth Sense, we prove that even the craziest idea makes sense, and we are the guarantee its realization.
The full concept should express you, your imagination, personality and interests, or the character of your brand. We will never create two of the same celebrations. Each party is different and surprising, so you have the guarantee that your party will be unique.

We make dreams come true

At Sixth Sense, we accomplish the most sophisticated dreams of our clients. We plan, style, design and coordinate unique celebrations. From small and intimate to large and luxurious, our parties and events are an unforgettable, perfectly planned and magical experiences.
Our offer is addressed to non-typical, interesting, brave customer who is not afraid of challenges. They trust us because they know that we will create something special, and at the same time appropriate for the eminence of celebration.
“We only ask you to close your eyes and imagine your dream day – we will take care of the rest …”


We are characterized by a very meticulous attention to details and the creation of new elements, instead of imitating those that are already available to customers on the market.
Our brand is special ideas, often crazy, while maintaining a high sense of aesthetics and client’s vision.
Sixth Sense is thinking beyond the limits of the five senses. We see exactly what the client expects, but the whole is taken to a completely different level. While supervising the budget, we show that the imagination is your only limit …


The founder and creative director of Sixth Sense is Justyna Zagozda – certified Wedding Consultant and Event Manager. She graduated from the University of Wroclaw, but she has also studied Wedding & Event Planning, Styling and Design at the British Academy, which has campuses on five continents. Justyna gained knowledge at the global level – knowledge of trends and news in the industry, and these are the inspirations and ideas she wants to transfer to the Polish market.

“Justyna believes that traditional weddings will increasingly change towards more personalized ones, in which customers will be able to show their true self”


Justyna has been working with clients for over ten years and for many years in the events industry. The most important experience she gained in the industry is work for renowned five-star places in London, where she had the opportunity to participate in the planning of sophisticated parties. She worked with the best of the best, she saw high-class service, exceptional and breath taking parties, decorations, and the craziest ideas that turned into reality. She knows therefore, what are the expectations of an exclusive client and how to deal with them.
Justyna started her career from planning parties for her friends, through help in wedding preparations, to fantastic and impressive birthday parties, as well as hen and stag parties. Something that began innocently today has turned into a new brand that is entering the Polish market with the courage and a plan to build a strong reputation, showing customers that their parties do not have to be another standard ceremonies, but something completely different, that is reflecting their real personalities , character and values they believe in.

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