At Sixth Sense, we do not only plan and organise, but we also do styling and design. We think creatively, but practically. We are not afraid of challenges, as they force us to learn constantly, to look for new solutions, and establish new contacts all the time. We work with the best in the industry, and together we create trends instead of copying them.

Our offer is addressed to busy clients, who often are living outside of Poland, where in their schedule there are no places for numerous duties related to the preparation of their wedding, as well as for individual clients or corporations dreaming about a unique celebration.

The most important for us is our first conversation. At the beginning we will ask many questions, in order to get as much information as possible, and then we will come back to you with a specific presentation of what we think will meet your expectations. We will focus on details, on important and sentimental elements for you, but we will also suggest innovative solutions to reach a higher level of the event.

At the end, you can expect a stress-free and pleasant organisation, that most importantly, will go above and beyond your expectations.



Sixth Sense with her creative director Justyna Zagozdą works closely with the client, starting from creating a visual plan, by choosing a location, selecting and ordering all elements of the project thought to scheduling and coordinating the day of the ceremony / event.

We deal with preparations from A to Z, starting with the selection of vendors and experts who match your budget and aesthetics, catering planning, stationery, musical and technical setting, transport and accommodation, custom furniture, detailed schedules, preparation and supervising the budget, and integrating all design elements to create your unique party.


Sixth Sense meets expectations of clients looking for specific services, for example, selecting a unique location for a wedding party/ event, or vendors offering exceptional services, including international ones that meet the expectations of the concept and the budget.

Partial organization is the answer for those who have some elements already organised, but need some more, or need help in organising all the elements of the party, but without the coordination of the day. Sixth Sense, most of all, it is a response to unconventional solutions, personalisation of your day, and a unique character creator.


Sixth Sense turns into a mentor and producer of your day. From the preparation of the schedule (scenario) of this big day, to the review of your resources, and the supervision of all involved vendors and crew, we relieve you from the stress of watching over each element of the party, controlling, accounting for, and responding to unplanned situations. We are with you from the beginning to the end of the event, and in the case of a wedding – until late hours of the night. In return, we offer you an invaluable time and the opportunity to experience unforgettable and important moments of your life without stress.

CONSULTATION – as a creative visionary and founder of Sixth Sense, Justyna is available to you, an individual client or a company, as a consultant. We provide consultations of logistic planning, coordination and production advice, as well as creating concepts for special events, photo sessions, consultations of decorating, styling and design planning. As part of this service, you can also use the wedding SOS, where we can help you with problems that occurred even a few days before the planned date of the wedding. The range and price of this service depends strictly on your individual needs.

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